Friday, February 26, 2010

Next Blog>>>>

I follow a multitude of blogs...and I'm pretty good about keepin' up with them, but on occassion I will hit the Next Blog button just for giggles. Let me tell you, ...sometimes's it can be rather funny!

I know somehow Google has a way of linking all of these together--keywords, location, age, whatever, but sometimes the "whatever" must be something totally, damn bizarre!

For instance, how can a design blog flip to South American politics...or a cupcake blog flip to a person's poetry blog? Not that I have A LOT of time on my hands, but on those days when I do seem to be attached to the keyboard and my eyes are fixated (in an almost zombie-like trance) on the screen and I just keep clicking on Next Blog>>>>Next Blog>>>>Next Blog>>>>

...I do have to sit back, laugh, and say WTF?...How are these two blogs connected...and that makes for some deep thoughts or at least some funny ones. If you haven't tried it yet--do. Start with my blog and click Next Blog 5 times. Let me know what you get. I'd love to see what Google has connected to my blog that's just about ...well, nothing really...LOL. Maybe it will connect you to blank, that would be funny!



Caden's Blog said...

or, you could just try

June said...

I have to agree, I sometimes hit 'next blog' too and wonder how the blogs are next to each other.

June - from swap bot