Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WR4W...Bridesmaids' dresses!

Everyone wants to be able to wear that dress, again...but we all know it never happens. (Well, I hope it happened for mine because I let people wear what they wanted as long as it was black, or black and white!) However, doesn't it just irk you when the bride makes that promise, you know the one, "I have picked out the most beautiful bridesmaids' dresses. They are totally ones you can wear again."...LOL.

I have never seen it happen, or been in a wedding where the dress I wore, was able to be worn again...anywhere. Today though, I have picked out some great dresses that I would wear again and again.

Hope you agree,
if not,
may you be subjected to something pink, frilly, and itchy...
and the pic comes back to haunt you!

This one on the right...
I love.
I would wear it now...maybe not in that color,
but something close to it!

I love all 4 of these,
but the brown one is 100% me!

I would wear all of these,
except that little one in the front.

I am trying to buy the yellow one,
 right now,
as I type.
I swear.
...and if I had somewhere,
on the creek,
to wear the coral one to...
I'd be buying it!

This is the type of wedding that I love.
People are happy,
no one looks the same,
and so much personality is spoken with each dress...
and I would totally wear them all...
even the wedding gown.

Love my WR4W post each week!
Hope y'all do, too!

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