Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WR4W...Weddings and Hats.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love hats. The bigger the better, but I am also, pretty conscious of when and where to wear them, too.

My main rules are: If they're big-outside...if they're little-indoors is OK...and day hats should not be worn at night. For example, if you are at a wedding at 2pm wear it until dusk...this would mainly be in the summer and dusk would be close to 9, at this point you would probably be home already or re-dressed for a night time event. Hats for men are different, but baseball caps are NEVER acceptable for a dressy event...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER at a wedding!

Recently though, I have been reading up on the Royal Wedding and "hats and hat etiquette" are a little different "across the pond". It seems almost that NOT wearing a hat makes you stick out at a wedding...kinda opposite of the good ol' US of A. (I'll get to that in a minute.)

I think for a bride a hat could only be pulled off by the trendiest of gals...very modern with possibly a short dress, maybe a vintage themed wedding, 2nd marriage weddings...definitely not for the traditional girl, but I do love the idea of the bridesmaids in a hat for an outdoor wedding!

The bridesmaids' examples below...I LOVE!

Now, since I started this post about how I love hats and just kept going and going...LOL. I need to go back to my "across the pond" reference . The Brits love hats. They wear them to all weddings! Yet, their hats may differ a bit from ours at times. I like to consider them headpieces, not always hats. So here are a few "hat" moments from the Royals.

Princess Anne in a Re-do!
Please, click here for a story that is shocking, but amazing.
Does her dress look familiar?
She is one of my fave of the Windsor bunch.
*She wouldn't take titles for her kids from her mother
upon their birth...
I love that!

Autumn Kelly Phillips and Zara Phillips
This pic was made at the Queen's 60th wedding anniversary!

The lovely Kate Middleton

and the most wonderful Royal of them all,
a lady that inspired me and others,
one of the most philanthropic people
to have graced this earth...
Diana, Princess of Wales

Hope you enjoyed today's post.
It makes me want to go out there and become a I didn't want to already...LOL...
Or just crash some wedding where I can wear a hat!


Marz said...

Oh how I love those Brits!!! Thanks for the little lesson in hat etiquette from across the pond :) I feel like I belong in London, but I am not a hat person AT ALL! I wish I was one of those gals like you who could pull hats off, even baseball hats - but for some reason it's just not a good look on me. I love, love, love Kate!!! And I too miss Diana SO much! I think Diana would have been so proud of William's choice :) Cannot wait to see the Royal wedding :)

Michelle said...

I love this post! Hats are fabulous!

Lauren said...

Could you give me your thoughts on wearing a hat to an outdoor wedding? The wedding is at 5:30, on a golf course in June. I have a great mesh wide brimmed hat that is very vintage inspired. I would love to wear it but am hesitant because of the time.

Thank you!

Joyce Lamela said...


I like your site especially this topic because I am also fascinated with this hat tradition of British!