Wednesday, March 23, 2011 dress code.

Today I will be short and sweet (very busy last 2 days.)
Sometimes, when I start to write for WR4W,
I look back at my wedding pics for ideas.
Today, was one of those moments,
but it wasn't a good thing...
it was a bad thing.

There are 2 places one should never wear jeans and/or a cap...
weddings and funerals.
Jeans, I can even handle, but NEVER...and I mean never, a cap.
I think it is disrespectful to the bride and groom or the deceased,
and in most cases, the church.

For me, weddings are a chance to get all dressed up.
New shoes.
New dress.
Maybe a hat, if it is outdoors and sunny?
Regardless, RESPECT the situation...
and leave your cap in the closet--at home!


PS...I didn't want to show pics from my own wedding, I mean, how rude would that be?...but when I googled to find a pic that would even fit this story...none could be found...LOL.
To me, that is an "I told you so" kinda moment!

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