Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Crush Day...and National Grammar Day!


It's really tatertots&jello,
but the ampersand
makes the link look all hinky
when I type it in!
This site is a FAB place for DIY-ers.
Everything from framed prints, free printables,
major decor ideas, clothes, jewelry, etc.
This is one site that I visit EVERY single day!

Everyone knows I want to be "Ga-linda",
but since I'm an average singer...
and would always be resigned to the chorus...
by listening at home,
I get to be ALL the leads!
It is, also, one of my fave cds to sing with the kids!
Catarina and I are perfect as E & G!

OK, so I am not out buying Versace everyday,
but aren't these short "suits" uber cool.
I would totally rock these in a metro work place.
I love the sandal boots in the middle,
but not sure I would wear them...
maybe Versace worthy,
but a little too stripper-ish for me!



(Random Mardi Gras is not working.)

One of my biggest crushes ever.
I gave you the run down on when I fell in love with him
earlier in the week,
but was on such a natural high
over him winning the Oscar
for Best Male Actor
that I wanted to highlight him-

These are my weekly crushes.
It is National Grammar Day, too.
If you found any mistakes in the above writing...I was testing you...LOL.
Otherwise, Happy NGD.
Visit SPOGG.
Write a thank you note to an English teacher.

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