Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I like church weddings more than I can tell you,
but outdoor weddings,
they are the best.

Yet, in today's world,
I love the originality of getting married
somewhere that has great meaning to the couple,
or has some sort of historical relevance.

For example my hubs and I got married at this place:

Doermann Memorial Presbyterian Church
Blackey, KY

Look familiar?
Maybe not,
but it is from the movie,
Coal Miner's Daughter,
one of my fave of all time.
(Who doesn't love Tommy Lee Jones?)
It is not a major part of the film,
yet it is in one of my fave scenes.
It is the moment where Loretta tells Doo,
" I'm gonna have a baby."
I hope to use this
same place
 to say
those same words
 in the next 12 months.

Now back to venues,
which I hope to us on my
and 25th wedding anniversaries
to marry my little hubs
all over again:

This is one of the most original chapels
in the US,
in my opinion.
The architect knew exactly what would look great in the setting.
I am in total awe of it!

The I need to say anything else?
Such a beautiful place inside and out.

I could just see
an uber-chic modern wedding
and reception at this place.
Anything NYC makes me green with envy...LOL.

However, if money was no object and I could do as I please...
this would be my wedding venue.
It is one of the most beautiful homes,
on one of the most coveted streets--
anywhere in the world.

*For those of you
 that may have noticed that I left out
one of my favorite cities...Savannah.
I did not.
My 12 year old has already told us,
she will be married here:
and her reception will be here...LOL.

I am going to hold her to it!

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Jennifer said...

I loved getting married at the church I attend by our pastor. It was so much more personal. Simple wedding for a simple gal! TOO BAD TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS WEREN'T in ATTENDANCE!