Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thinking about plastic surgery?, too!

It is such a down day. One of those where I am not unhappy with my body, but flippin' miserable with it...LOL. I need Dr. Diamond (who, by the way, is married to the sweetest girl ever, Jessica. She was totally one of the nicest girls EVER from high school...LOL.)

I have always said that I am not above plastic surgery, but I have to wait. I mean--for the love of God, I'm only 35...I know that's 70 in Hollywood-years, but I live in the boonies. Anything that needs to be done NOW-- I should be able to do with out going under the knife. OK, so I can't fix my teenie-tiny deviated septum, but my face is OK, otherwise...and everything else is just a tad jiggly, mainly due to little debbie's and pringles...LOL.

BUT, and pardon the pun, a BIG BUT, this decision should be left up to the individual. Whatever it takes for one to be the best they can be...well, they should be allowed to decide for themselves what THAT is. Right? I say, go for it--just know when to stop. You agree? I thought you would, but we should really thank Michael Jackson for keeping it real and...putting things into perspective for us. We all know--who's bad?

Love what God gave you, but feel free to fix it up.
Mrs. B :o)

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Terry said...

That's right, girl! Anyone who would like to undergo plastic surgery should know his or her limitations. It's alright to fix any part of your body, especially if you think that it's necessary. But too much of anything is bad! Btw, you've written a nice post. This can serve as an inspiration to other people! ;)

Terry Bayer