Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School shopping with my girls...

The last few days before the girls go back is beyond hectic...clothes, school supplies, shoes, and final truly drains me. I like it to an extent b/c it helps me forget they are leaving and that I won't see them again for a month to 6 weeks or even longer as they get older and have their own lives...However, it is the one time a year that I find myself jealous of their father and Ms. Trish, his wife.

I get jealous, at times, when I realize that I am missing bath time, reading before bed, and packing lunches, but I can only do what I already do. I wish I could pick them up after school every day, but that is not our lives and I have to remember, and hope, that I am doing what's best for Catarina and Claudia.

Let's take this back to a lighter note...LOL. My girls wear uniforms to school, and if I haven't already said it before...I AM Yet, watching them look at things like earrings, hats, socks, see their personality come alive. Catarina has to have Victoria's Secret/American Eagle undies and Claudia wants Limited, too whatever...and I laugh to myself b/c my granny could never (and would never) afford those things to me. I guess I'll laugh, again, when I get my clothes "on sale" at Penney's...LOL.

The hardest thing for me, though, is no matter what I buy them...I may or may not see them in it. I make them take everything they buy back to LA...I mean, that's where they will wear it, and I ask Catarina to take pics for me, but that never happens...LOL. (Thank God for MySpace!) I have to believe that I send them on their merry way with not only what they HAVE to have, but what they WANT, as well...I have to believe that...LOL.

Mrs. B

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Andi said...

your daughter and i have the exact same hair; only mines darker. lol.