Friday, August 8, 2008


I am guilty I need to drink more water, but unless it's scorching hot outside...I'll pass. Give me a cola, a diet green tea, or heck...give me an imported beer...LOL.

It's funny that the one thing, other than air which I think is currently still free...LOL, that one needs to live, just does not taste that great to me and I have to pay for it.

Now wait, I'm a Fiji-whore...i do like the taste of that water...and I'm drawn to it's square bottle, but it's NOT worth it's price. I guess, when I add some lemon and a few packs of Sweet and Low, I'm good...but haven't I now made lemonade...LOL.

I am always saying how I need to drink more water. My doctor is always saying that I should drink more water. My friends are are all on the "drink more water" kick, but I'm just putting this out there...Can you make it taste better?

Mrs. B

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Shawn said...

To be honest, some water tastes horrible, usually from the tap. I prefer filtered water either at home or bottled water. I have a home filtration system that works great. The Brita pitchers are pretty good too and cheaper. Yeah you could add lemon...then sugar...and have lemonade...LOL!! Ok there are no easy solutions just some more manageable than others.

I'm out!