Saturday, August 2, 2008

Company Picnic...intro as wife.

It's official. I am now no longer Mr. Chad's fiance' at his office. I am now, "Have you met my wife, Christy?"...LOL. Never seemed important, really...until now, and although everyone there knows me, (and has, for the 5 years before June 21st...LOL) it was wonderful hearing Mr. Chad say it. It made me kinda giggle inside each time he repeated it. :o)

The company picnic is always nice, but this year...they gave away $14k in cash to random employees (they drew names) and tons of giveaways for the kids. It was above and beyond for any company these days.

My favorite part of the day was meeting one of Mr. Chad's co-workers grand kids (that's a tongue-twister...LOL). She was a sweetheart and wanted to hang with me all day. There is a story behind her and her situation, but all I can say is that I was very touched to have spent the day playing with her. I had a blast and I hope she did, too.

Mr. Chad and I walked away with no cash and no prizes, but we spent the day being outside and in love and as you get older...that's what matters.

Ahhhh, summertime...
Mrs. B

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Andi said...

and you could have met andi; but at the time she was blissfully unaware of the fact you were ever going to be her geometry teacher. :o]