Saturday, August 16, 2008

Even old gals get new school clothes...LOL.

Ok, so doesn't everyone get new school clothes? I like to think that they do...I always loved the first days of school b/c everyone seemed to be like pictures from the latest "sale flyers". In my little town, it was flyers from Sears, JCPenney, Dawahares, or Wal-Mart. Now that I'm older...I still prefer most of those stores anyway.

I love JCP. My granny always thought they had the best "bang for their buck" and it was easy for my mom to order me stuff from there and have it shipped. I waited religiously for a week once just for the UPS guy to deliver me a new rain slicker that my mother had ordered...LOL. ( it was pink with a rainbow on the back and had 3 little holes under each arm pit which kind of weirded me out, soooo I never really wore it...after a month or so, I acted like I lost it...LOL...sorry, Mom.)

With my new "real" job in mind, my husband wanted to take me school "clothes" shopping...OK, so you know I'm lying...LOL. He didn't want to take me, but went without bitchin'...same thing in my book...LOL. It was nice, and I did him proud...30 minutes and I was finished... in and out...2 pair of slacks, and 4 shirts. I was ready. ( Had I not felt like a "pig" when I was buying could have turned into a nightmare for him b/c they had some deals goin' on...LOL.)

I came home, hung them up and looked at them for a moment. I then closed the closet door, and smiled because I knew I was ready for school.

Mrs. B :o)

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