Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goodbye Win-City...

It was much harder than I thought it would it be...for one year I lived by myself and never realized how much I truly enjoyed it...LOL. I love being married, don't get me wrong, but there is a wonderful feeling knowing you can eat straight out of the Cool-Whip container while standing in front of your fridge in just your skivvies...LOL.

The nights of drive-thru Rally's...ahhhh, me heart will miss, but not me ass...LOL. Mary cooking dinner with JD, a little TV watching, and then a pedi before I left (Yes, I did have to do the treadmill before she would, but it was totally worth it...LOL). Deciding each day with Sweet Dee what we were going to have for lunch. Learning to sew with Val. Gossiping in the office about God-knows-what...LOL. Watching Gin's belly grow along with all my friendships. I really had an empty place in my heart when I pulled out of my driveway for the last time.

Yet, I believe everything happens for a reason. I ended up in Winchester because a plan by some higher being was put into motion. They knew I needed to grow to get where I am today. They knew there was someone in me that I wanted to be, but didn't know how to get there and surrounded me with those that could help...a cowardly lion (Gin into motherhood), a tin man (Mary learning to let people love her), and the scarecrow(JD going back to school)...and with the help of the wizard (Clark...stop it, y'all...I know I could have used a munchkin analogy)...we all ended up in our own "home".

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road.

Mrs. B :o)

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Mary&andJD Allen said...

It is sad to see friends go, but everything happens the way God intends for it to. If you are happy way up there, then that is how life was suppose to be. Although I don't think I could up there with ya. I need more fast food options than long john silver's. Normally the cooler weather gets to me, I guess because I realize summer is leaving. This year it isn't hitting as hard, I am actually going out and enjoying it. Walking is more enjoyable when it isn't 102 degrees outside. I got to see my first OR surgery Friday, and I loved it! I thought I would get sick but I think I want to work in the OR. Not much else is new, JD, Odin and I are doing great. Sometimes the economy will get me down, then JD reminds me God will always provide. :) I think Jen and the baby are good, I haven't talked to her alot recently. James said that he and Mandy were going to get married this weekend. Made me realize I am so happy my wedding worrying days are over. Now lets toast to that ......