Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Appreciate Compliments

Fat girls striving to be me...LOL. How funny is that?... I use the term fat loosely and in jest b/c I definitely consider myself one of the "fuller" ladies these days...LOL.

Yet, I love this fact. Not b/c I am "fuller", but the idea that someone thinks my size is OK. Now wait, you are absolutely right in thinking these are "larger" ladies, but it is the same way I feel about wanting to be Gwen Stefani. (I ain't no holla-back girl). We all want to be someone else sometimes...maybe we do not want their life, but maybe their hips, abs, or legs would be OK?...

The concept that anyone would look at you, regardless of size, and think, "this is what I am aiming for", is really one helluva compliment...I'm not downing myself, but there are plenty of other people out there that look far better than I...LOL...better than you, too...so, isn't it soooo nice when someone says something like that to you? I won't lie...I LOVE it!!!!

I may not love my jiggly tummy at the end of the day, and I may not love that I do not wear single-size fashions anymore, but I have definitely learned to accept compliments without making excuses. It's a great trait to acquire on your life's journey, but sometimes hard to do...but you must...b/c it makes it a lot easier to look in that mirror every morning or down at that scale every night. You are who you are.

Respect Yourself--and let others do it, too.
Mrs. B :o)

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