Thursday, March 27, 2008

91 wedding websites, OH MY!

There are sooooo many wedding websites these days, and I swear I think I have seen them all. I have gathered much needed info from some of these and some are just plain awesome. With that being said, today I'm just sharing some of those sites and giving my own little commentary on them. Enjoy! *If you have not been to this site, you are truly missing out. There are beautiful boards and ideas. Plus, the "how to" section is beyond words. Simply put, this is the one site YOU have to check-out. Especially if you are a micro-manager like me! *I like this site...the classifieds section is pretty cool, but it takes a tad more to navigate than some of the other sites. Still a thumbs up for it! * The end all/be all of wedding websites. You can check out Mr. Chad and I looking like an ad for a "bud light" wedding. (We will update it soon, I hope.) Just search for us and please, if you haven't already...sign the guestbook. :o)!5D10A53DAE1F80A4!995.entry
Templates, Templates, Templates!!!! *Very Reasonable prices. GREAT for ideas! Yet, I think it is much better to "do" your own favors and add a personal touch that says, "this is from us, thanks for coming"...but definately much easier to order, pull out of the box, and set at the reception.

I hope you like some of these sites. I found them very helpful or very fun.

91,90,89,88,87...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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