Friday, March 14, 2008

99 bottles of...

Rantings today are about food and drinks for our "special" day.

Mr. Chad, the groom-to-be, only eats chicken, bacon, and bread...and candy, so when trying to plan a reception with memorable "good eats" for EVERYONE this bride-to-be thought she would be overwrought with decisions. Thanks to our venue, this may well have been the easiest part of the planning. We decided to go with a local place that has a beautiful, upscale cabin-ish feel, but would in no way make people feel any less than "down home".

I did want plated dinners, but that's not really feasable, so we had to settle on a buffet. The buffet is not too pricey, and allows the place settings to become homes for chocolate covered strawberries for the guest to nibble on while waiting for us to arrive at the reception. (I had to lose the chocolate fountain, in order, to have a candy buffet. Folks, we're sorry you won't actually get to dip your own fruit now.)

The venue, also, does not serve alcohol. This is not really a problem, because you can bring and serve your own. Chad and I liked, and agreed(YES, we agreed) to wine, beer, and signature drinks with our favorite liquors. I DID have to put my foot down on Makers Mark and Coke being considered as a "mixed cocktail"...LOL. I had thought of signature drinks before this and after seeing some beautiful punch displays on the web...I knew we had to do it. Also, after watching a show on cocktails, Great Cocktails on Fine Living with
Stephen Phillips, we knew we had to do it even more. Check him out. He's awesome and VERY knowledgeable about drinks!!!

99, 98, 97, 96, 95...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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