Wednesday, March 26, 2008

92 family members...ha, if we're lucky

100 invitations...92 family branch on the family tree. ( a story for another day)

When Mr. Chad and I started planning this-again(LOL...but we've established that...LOL), we wanted something very intimate and very family focused. One of the reasons for the date was my family reunion is to be held earlier in the day. We thought it would be a nice closing for the day's festivities and most out-of-towners would be in town.

However, it appears that many of the family have no idea when the reunion is (3rd Saturday in June, people), other plans have been made for their summer already, and the best one of appears EVERYONE has decided to get or be preggers...LOL. (Karen, Gin, Sarah Lee, and J.A....Actually J.A. isn't pregs, but is directly involved in an impregnation...LOL)

Mr. Chad and I want to be surrounded by those we love when we say, "I DO". It just seems that maybe those we love don't want to surround us...LOL. With only 100 people being invited, it's a pretty exclusive ticket...oh well, it just means the fewer the guests the more cake for the rest of us.Can you tell I'm bummed today?

92,91,90,89,88...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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