Wednesday, March 26, 2008

94 more and discovering like a kid...

It is true, I have very little "common" sense at times. I spend soooo much time trying to be educated that I overlook simple stuff that, evidently, is a given.

Mr. Chad and I are trying our hand at planting a little garden, this year. I figured, surely, if we can grow crops together, we can live in harmony forever. We are testing this theory for the first, and hopefully last, time. (Not the "growing the crops" thing, but the "harmony forever" thing.) Only time will tell, though.

That brings me to today's common sense.While out raking, and breaking up dirt, and clearing a place for the strawberry plants, Mr. Chad and I started looking at an old tree that needs to be cut down. This tree is dead, and has been for as long as we have been together-roughly 5 years. Yet, today, it seemed alive to me. The tree was full, with thousands, of woodpecker holes. Now, not to give my age away, but I did watch Woody Woodpecker as a kid, and although I knew woodpeckers pecked on trees...I HAD NEVER SEEN the actual holes. I was amazed! You would have thought I had figured out the meaning of life.

At this point, as he watched me see something that truly was "NEW" to me, I think he realized that I may not have figured out the meaning of life, but I was extremely happy with the person that I plan to share the rest of my life with...and happy with discovering little things matter.

94, 93, 92, 91,90...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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