Monday, July 28, 2008

2 weeks...14.5 pounds.

I weighed myself a few weeks ago at mt cousin V's and almost collapsed in grossness...LOL. The big joke about her scales is, no matter how much I weigh...her scales ALWAYS say 180. Last summer at said 180. A few years ago, when I was still said 180, but on this occasion, let's just say I wish it had said 180. I saw it going towards the big 200 and jumped back off the scales. After the dizziness wore off, I stepped back on and was right between 198/199. I was so embarrassed. I have NEVER weighed that much in my life except when I was incubating my 2 baby aliens. (Claudia put me at 206/207 the day before delivery and Catarina put me at 199.)

I felt sick for 20 minutes, even V weighed less than me...and that's a great feat b/c she NEVER has...well, maybe that time she was in the hospital and almost died, but that doesn't really factor into this equation.

Later that day when I was sitting on the swing with my father-in-law, who had went to the doctor earlier that day, I was complaining about my weight and he said that he had weighed 197 that day...I had to hold back the puke that was starting to arise in my throat. And still, it gets worse. My husband had his truck parked in the yard with the tailgate down and my father-in-law was sitting on it...i went to sit down beside him and one of the straps on the tailgate snapped...I just put my head down and came to my room and cried...LOL.

...and then I started Atkins the next morning.

Two weeks later, I am 14.5 lighter...WOW. Now, that's the Atkins I know and love.

It was hard, though...lots of egg salad, chicken, and ham slices...LOL.
...the end justifies the means, right?....not really, I miss you bread...LOL.


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