Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The summer of the Green Bean.

I know, sounds like a "teenage" novel title, and although it is not, it well could describe an important part of my summer with my teenager and my 9 year old...I can't use some analogy to compare our summer together and a green bean, but green beans were very important to our summer.

For some reason, my girls fell in love with green beans. Literally, post wedding, Catarina and Claudia must have eaten a bushel while here...LOL.

This may not be ground breaking information, but it was perfect in capturing the innocence of youth. While Mr. Chad and I ran around trying to move things from one house to another, meet with electricians and plumbers, and me trying to find a job,...it was wonderful to discover the sweet and renewing sense of the importance of good food...of how food grown in a neighbor's backyard played a part in the development of my children's palette and served as a reminder to me that the simple life can be a very rewarding one. Never have I enjoyed a vegetable as much as I enjoyed the green bean in the summer of 2008...LOL. Isn't that just too funny?

This summer has now inspired me to think ahead to next summer. My little garden with Mr. Chad flourished this year, but we only grew one item...tommy-toes...OK, strawberries did fail, but we expected that...and the "indoor" blueberry is still trying to decide what the heck it plans to do...Pumpkins, however, are definitely on my list to add to any garden that I may attempt...LOL.

Anyway, I think the best way to pull it all together is to let the girls help with the gardening...I planned on attempting that this year, but time flew by too fast to get it all done...I guess now, I can plan and prepare and hope next year...for a garden full of green beans and more memories to last a life time...

Farmer Boyd's wife,

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