Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Plans on Lottery Win

I have no plans on winning the lottery...I mean not by picking numbers and hitting some, mega-moolah jackpot. I have no plans on winning b/c I have 4 or 5...OK, maybe 45 friends that plan on winning, too. Instead, I plan on inventing something that makes me a millionaire. Now, I am no inventor. I do not sit around trying to come up with some cockamamie idea, day after day. I just know it will come to me and I will know it when it does...for instance, I watched the story on this a few years back and it has NEVER left my mind:

The Spin Pop was the brainchild of two postal workers, Tom Coleman and Bill Schlotter, living in a mobile home park in Virginia. The two men had been friends since 1965, and had tried several other ideas before conceiving the idea of a novelty candy on Halloween 1987. The idea was to make a glow-in-the-dark candy. What emerged was Glow Pops, a cylindrical pop attached to a lighted handle. With this idea the two couples Tom and Ann Coleman and Bill and Ann Schlotter formed BAAT (Bill, Ann, Ann, Tom) Enterprises. Ann Coleman was the Treasurer, Ann Schlotter the Secretary and Bill and Tom the Inventors. They spent the next four years trying to sell the idea. In 1991 they met Russell Gold, an engineer from Cap Toys, at the Impact Invention show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They showed him the Sci-Fi candy treats and Russell knew they had a hit on their hands. Cap Toys flew the couples to Cleveland. They signed a deal on the spot. Glow pops were renamed Lazer Pops and did well, but it was their next idea that was the daddy of all interactive candy, "the lazy mans lollipop", the Spin Pop. Cap Toys created a division called CT Gifts, which later became Cap Candies to handle Spin Pops. The largest hurdle for spin pops was convincing retailers that consumers would shell out $2.99 a pop (sorry I couldn't resist), an unheard of price for a lollipop. But buy they did.

What do you think about that? I mean, something that cost $2.99, ( Parents we have all, pardon the pun, been "suckered" into buying on of those things.) and those trailer park-mailmen are now millionaires. Any ideas on what I could invent?...Yeah, none here either...YET...LOL.

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Me :o)


Jenny Ann said...

break out the'll have some real (no pardon for the pun) "pipe dreams" then lol.

Jenny Ann said...
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