Tuesday, July 22, 2008

City Mouse...Country Mouse OR Grey Goose...Goose Creek

Mr. Chad and I are country mouse and city mouse. I say it all the time, or refer to something that suggests how obvious it is...

If it wasn't evident by looking at the cakes at our wedding (horseshoe pit for him--trendy circles for me), then it has to be obvious in our dress. Currently, I own 1 pair of jeans and no "flat" dress shoes...and he owns NO jacket and dress slacks. I have hats for every occasion and his only tie came from Goodwill as a joke. His drink of choice is Bud Light, while mine is anything served in stemmed or footed glasses that normally has something in it as a swanky garnishment.

Our taste in music is definitely different and this past Saturday night was a lesson in his "type" for me. For years, Mr. Chad has listened to a group called Goose Creek Symphony. I listen to them when he does, but they're not on my Ipod (yet). He has seen them in concert, but I never had, so as a wedding gift, I got us tickets to see them in what could be their last tour. (They look like the Grateful Dead with some Earl Thomas Conley thrown in to mix it up...probably not a lot of tour dates in their future...LOL.) The concert was in Clintwood, VA--a little town about 30 miles from us--a very quaint place, and the venue was an old, refurbished theatre. Nostalgia at its best.

It was a great concert and I loved the band live. We ran into a friend of mine from work (his band Velvet Water opened for GGS) and i LOVED introducing Mr. Chad as "my husband". All in all, it was a fun time...good music, little town, man of my dreams--this city mouse had a great time being a little country.

Mr. Chad's wife,
me :o)


Shawn said...

Yes, awesome band and Velvet Water is pretty darn good too. *listens to Jason tell his tales of good times*

notlikeyourmom said...

grey goose... goose creek cracked me up! thats a good one!