Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dear MAT, I love you.

So, I started my Master's at Morehead State University and I am very excited. The orientation motivated me beyond anything I was expecting. However, I also, was not expecting there to be 110 of us, but that's OK...LOL. I held my own.

The great thing about this program is that you can only be in it, IF you do not have education as an undergraduate degree. It appears that many of my co-workers want to teach social studies or P.E. I plan, I hope, on teaching Middle School Math and Language Arts and later getting certified to teach high school Math.

My cousin, Karen, is kinda my inspiration. She is very smart and knows her stuff...but we are different in the fact that I like to be fun and get things done, and she likes to get things done...whether anyone has fun or not...LOL. (School is not the Carnival.) She doesn't have to be any one's fave teacher as long as at the end of the day, they can multiple, divide, and work well with fractions...LOL. I settle for 2 out of 3...LOL.

I recently had my first "real" interview and I thought it went "real" fact, they told me it went "real" well...I was pleased, but totally understand that someone already certified will be hired first, and that I am a last resort...and the MAT program told us that would happen. I am not insulted at all.

However, I will persevere and learn more and more each day about education, core curriculums, and whatever is required to be the best teacher I can be.

****Thank you, Miss Cook (Kindergarten), Mrs. Honeycutt (1st grade), Mrs. Mullins (2nd grade), Mrs. Johnson (3rd grade), Mrs. R. Hall (4th grade), Mrs. Mullins, again (5th grade), Mrs. Crisp (6th grade), Mr. D. Hall, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. B. D. Hall (7th grade), Mr. Sode (8th grade), Mr. Duncan (8th grade), Mrs. Balkcom (8th grade), Mr. J. Hall (8th grade), Mr. Gibson (8th grade), Mrs. Duncan (8th grade)...and so on.

Oh Happy Day!
me :o)


Jenny Ann said...

good thing you aren't teaching middle school english lol hehehe I KID!

Shawn said...

You actually remember all of your teachers??!