Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Stationery CBB...or bCb...Mrs.Boyd?

Oh my, how grown up we are now...LOL. Thank yous must go out, eventually, and I like "little notes" that just say thank you across the front and Hallmark on the back, but the wedding ones must say Christy and Chad Boyd (which I LOVE...LOL). With all that said, it also means that I must have new "personal" stationery, as well.

This may not seem like a great dilemma to you, but I'm truly thinking W.W.KR.D? (What would Kathy Randall do?)

I've designed like 4 different ones and I think the above will have to do. I guess my biggest question is should I put Mrs. before my name or just put my "new" married name. I am, finally, OK with being "the wife of" someone, and good thing too, b/c he wants me to be Mrs. Boyd...LOL. How old school is that?

Anyway, must order...now if I can just remember my new address...LOL.

:o) Mrs. Christy Buettner Boyd

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