Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paint Chips

Talking paint with Mr. Chad is like speaking know you're not saying it right, and you can tell by his facial expression that he damn sure doesn't understand a word you are saying...LOL.

I buy paint based on the name of it...I mean, it has to be roughly the color I'm looking for, but I will always buy Aloe Glow over light green. The name of the paint just seems to add a certain Je ne sais quoi...makes me feel like I've added a personality to the space.

For the past few weeks, I have been acquiring paint chips. I am probably the biggest paint snob that I know...LOL. I think there is no paint like BEHR, but I loved Christopher Lowell paint, too--when I used it a few years ago. As far as names, Martha Stewart wins hands down, but for my budget will have to be Dutch Boy from Wal-Mart, and that's okay with me...LOL.

In defense of Dutch Boy, though, they definitely have some pretty good names...Asian Silk, Galaxy Depths, Artful Red, Ballerina Kiss, Chocolate Truffle, Cantaloupe Frost, and Mmm Mint. I can't decide whether it makes me want to travel...or eat...LOL.

Wait, yes, I can...
I think I hear low-carb Butter Pecan ice-cream calling...LOL.

from the center of Mr. Chad's universe,
me :o)

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Jenny Ann said...

I think you just need to quit being a "hoity toity yankee bitch" lol I totally stole that from Sweet Home Alabama <3 that movie lol. I don't really look at the names I look at the color and if I like it I get it. Behr remeinds me of deck stain.