Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Home...New Baby...LOL.

Lucky the cat came with our new "manufactured" home. No, we did not get her as a "free with purchase" gift. She was literally, in the bottom packed up in the insulation. Mr. Chad and his dad heard her meowwwwing and looked until they found her...well, they found her feet...and then the rest of her...

Our theory is that the momma cat was moving them before the house was delivered and he was not fortunate enough to get moved...or he was the only one to survive the ride to the property. (We like to think it was the first scenario, the latter seems so sad.) Hence, the name lucky, though...LOL.

With everything going on, Mr. Chad and I wanted to keep the kitten but knew it would be hard b/c she needed so much attention. So we turned to his mother and she was searching for boxes, blankets, eye droppers, etc. before we even said anything. It was such a sweet surprise to find this kitten. Old Wives' Tale...new house-new baby, right???

Right now, this is about as "new" baby as I can get...b/c the 2 I have are trying to slowly kill me with their split personalities..."Mom, tell Claudia to leave me alone"..."Mom, Sister is touching me"..."Mom, I'll read to her"..."Mom, I'll give Sister one of my webkinz, so that she can have one, too."....Folks, this is what happens when you're children are 6 years apart; it's love one minute and loathing the next...but it is, also, the sweetest emotion to experience...to watch them grow together...

Do cats or animals, in general, have these emotions? Does this kitten miss her momma? Does the momma realize that she has lost a kitten. Something to ponder on a slow day...I'll continue to watch lucky grow...and feel "lucky" that I get to watch mine grow.

Ms. Christy :o)

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