Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Wedding Planner

Who's getting married that I can offer my services? I am sooo in the mood to plan another wedding. Jennifer Love is getting married and I would offer my services for free, provided she flew me back and forth to sunny California. My friend E-beth wants me to plan hers--one problem, though...she needs a groom first (and she is actively looking, so I'm really proud of her for that...LOL) There's my friend, Kayla, too. I could do some fun, original things with her "special" day, but oh yeah...she's NOW in the same boat as E-beth...LOL.

Being a wedding planner is my dream job. (I gave up wanting to be a "movie" actress years, ago...Now, I just want to plan their weddings...LOL.)

Don't get me wrong, I love planning parties, but there is nothing like a wedding. Birthday parties are sweet. Holiday parties are festive. Baby Showers are precious, but weddings, weddings are enchanting. I have loved weddings since I was a kid. All my little girlfriends had the chance to be flowergirls, but I never had that opportunity...and I have only been a bridesmaid twice, but that will change...I think I'm going to advertise that I will gladly fill that position for any of my friends or family...LOL.

I think, with weddings, all seems right with the world on that glorious day. Wars, famines, and diseases seem not to exist and everyone can pretend that nothing matters but that moment...that moment in time set aside for you and the love of your life.

Mrs. New Bride,
me :o)

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Jenny Ann said...

you can stand beside me at the courthouse if i ever make it there lol