Tuesday, June 3, 2008

21 and Over

It is law, in most states, that one must be 21 to drink. I totally agree...I mean, you could drink and drive and kill yourself or someone else. With that being said, shouldn't there be a law similar to that about getting married? It seems the same outcome could occur...LOL.

Yes, I know there are laws about marriage out there. For instance, if you are under a certain age, parents must sign for you to be legally wed. However, I have a problem with this. If a bartender serves you too much and you get out and create chaos, that bartender can be charged with assisting the problem. So.......shouldn't parents that sign for a 15 years old to get married, be held accountable when their child's marriage fails?

My rant today is about "helping out" the statistics of successful marriages. I am pro-same sex marriage. (Marriage, to me, is defined as 2 loving individuals in a monogamous relationship. I know that means they could be 15, but I'm off of that point now...LOL.) I am, also, pro-second marriage...and pro-wait 'til your 35+ marriage...as well as, pro-just "live together and pretend we're married" marriage...LOL.

I want to not only have a successful marriage, I want a HAPPY marriage. I want a marriage that I have to work on b/c I WANT it to get better and better as time goes by. I believe Mr. Chad wants that, too...If not, we wouldn't be here now would we?...LOL.

21,20,19,18,17...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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