Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Wedding...and so soon?...LOL

Well, it week to the day, Mary and JD were married in Winchester. It was a very...let's see how do i say it...very....uuhhmmm...very, SHORT ceremony...LOL. Lovely, but short...LOL. I must confess I knew this going into their blissful day, but thought Mary was kidding when she said that it was 8 minutes long...SHE DIDN'T LIE. In fact, Catarina recorded it and it took 8 minutes and 57 seconds...start to finish...LOL.

They were both so beautiful, ( I would have said handsome for JD, but , he probably prefers to be called beautiful...LOL) but Mary looked way more nervous. The best part of the whole ceremony was the first time the preacher called them by their full names...Mary and Joseph. Yes, it's been funny for months b/c of the invitations, but when he said it...the girls looked over at me and grinned from ear to ear. Mr. Chad even piped in and said, "Someone should have had a donkey with cans tied on it's tail out front waiting for them"...LOL.

The reception was loads of fun, but we tried staying out of their way. I think we were suppose to dance before we left, but left before we had a chance...Darn it...LOL. It was great to see a lot of their family there. Mary seemed very happy about it all. JD's sister and husband were very good about hostessing everything. They make a really, cute couple and stayed very involved all passing out the toast glasses, bubbles, etc. Mr. Chad said that JD's sister, Sarah, looked like Pam from the Office...wish he hadn't said that b/c then I starting trying to find Michael, Dwayne, and Jim. However, found no one else from Dunder-Mifflin...and that was a good thing...LOL.

Anyway, I think the 2 of them make a great couple and they are truly some of the most wonderful people that I have ever met...friends for life.
Congrats, Mary and Joseph.
Thanks for sharing your day with me and my family.

Signing out from the Hundred Acre Woods,
Mrs.Christy Buettner Boyd


Jenny Ann said...

yeah someone didn't even bother to say bye to me before they left. and I looked at the chic from the office and i dont think Sarah looks like her. then again i dont watch the office and i didnt have any good pictures for comparison.

Mary&JD Allen said...

Thanks for using the best *cough* picture you had of us :) I am glad everyone had a good time. I know it was the best day of my life, and thanks to everyone that took pictures. I made sure to charge our camera for your wedding, but I forgot to charge it for my own. The battery died while I was dressing, so I had no pictures of the actual wedding. ( until everyone donated the ones they took, and now I have about 800)