Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marriage 2.0...and I should know...LOL.

****2nd time is BIG time...LOL. I have been waiting for this entry for many weeks. I am excited this time around for so many things that I dreaded last time and I want to share some of them with y'all.

I can NOT wait to change my name...LOL. I'm keeping Buettner b/c of my girls, but I can't wait to be Mrs. Chad Boyd or Christy Buettner Boyd. The ladies in my Mardi Gras group are probably dying or dying laughing right now...LOL.I fought so hard to be recognised as Christy Hall Buettner and not as the wife of Mr. Buettner. Funny how we change as we get older...LOL.

I can NOT wait to combine our finances. (Not b/c he makes all the money and I have all those educational loans...LOL, but b/c he will be the primary bread-winner and I want him to be in charge of all that kind of stuff. I do not care to say that I am dependent on him...to an extent.) He wants to take care of me and I want to let him.

I can NOT wait to bicker over home decor, which has already started...LOL, and planning home improvements to the "new" house together. BTW, deck is way up there at being first major project...LOL. I can't wait to walk away when we are both frustrated b/c I bought the wrong nails for the deck and Home Depot is not a 5 minute drive away. (Honey, I know there is always Daniel's and he has everything for a price...LOL.)

I can NOT wait to get fat for 9 months and make him drive 30 minutes (Yes, Taco Bell is that far away, but this will be his punishment for making me live among the cicadas and woodpeckers...LOL) for a bean and cheese burrito. The smell will probably kill him...all I can say is, "he knows how to roll down those windows". He should be thankful I'm not sending him for Italian food...LOL.

I can NOT wait to yell at him and the girls for playing the Wii all night, while secretly enjoying the sound of their laughter as I lay in my bed.

I guess, to make a long story short...I can NOT wait to be Mr. Chad's wife and to begin...Life as a new Mrs.-Again.

20,19,18,17,16...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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Jenny Ann said...

I will have you know there are cicadas here too missy. THOUSANDS OF THEM! Come spend a day in my yard. (not sure how else to refer to it). I can't wait (now that I only have one job) to work in the flowers !