Monday, June 23, 2008

It takes 2 to make a thing go right...?

Are those even the lyrics to that Rob Base song? Regardless, wasn't sure what I wanted to blog about today...

I could take the Aristotle approach...2 souls in one body...or the biblical approach...2 by marital experience...marriage, part II...the literary approach...Tale of 2 Cities...a career approach...2 weeks notice... a sports approach...2 strikes...or the mechanical approach...2-stroke engines...LOL.

OK, now I'm grasping...LOL, but with everything down to the mind is stirring with anticipation beyond measure. In fact, I've limited my speech b/c my train of thought is going so fast...get mouth can't keep up. Go ahead, I hear y'all laughing right now.

The problem is...I am scared. There, I said it. I am scared about making this commitment. I am not scared about the mate I've picked. I am scared at failing him, or me for that matter. I ALWAYS said that if my first marriage failed (and we all know it did...LOL), I would NEVER...NEVER...NEVER do it again...Yet, here I am.

Although, Mr. Chad and I have been together for many years...I can't help but worry that I will one day forget his "kind" of food at the grocery, or that he does not like scary, squeamish films, or that he loved to play Yahtzee with his Mamaw V. I have never been so nervous in all my life. I am here at that place in my life that I have yearned for in my dreams and, I want to run. Is that normal?

Nah, it's not normal, but neither am I...LOL. Due to unforeseen genetic make-up,...I have always been a runner. Let it go or get going--whichever is easier, but now I will make a conscious choice to not plant my feet firmly on the ground and say, "Mr. Chad, I'm ready to stick this out and I'll stand by you--FOREVER." That's all I can do. I hope it's enough for him...for me...for us.

2,1...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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