Friday, February 25, 2011

Christy is Crushin' on...

For my birthday week,
my post of what I'm really crushin' on:

Marianne over at RM,
 is the sweetest thing on the World Wide Web.
She is part of the internet posse
 that I follow
made up of such characters as:
They have not let me in, yet...but I am working on it.
I am pretty cool,
but they do seem cooler...
or maybe just younger!
Go check them out!

This "super lady" is awesome.
I love her last album,
but the new one is even better.
Head over to Ellen
to see her performance of
"Someone Like You"
from the new album, "21".
I cried.

This is my "go-to" outfit.
I add jewelry, a belt, and a big bag,
but I love nothing more,
clothes wise, 
than a crisp, white shirt!
It goes with anything!

OK, so maybe it has to do with this show,
but when I visited Seattle years ago,
I missed getting to journey up to Vancouver,
and have always regretted it!
The Olympics renewed my yearning for this majestical city!
Good thing is...
I think my hubs and kids would love this city, too!

You know, you're all watching Castle,
but I have loved him since
One Life to Live,
and now...
everyone is loving the cult classic,
Nathan, I love you...
if for no other reason but this one:


Marz said...

You just made my day!!!! :) Such a lovely surprise to hop onto your blog and see me!! Thank you for your kind words...this is the sweetest, sweetest thing ever! I'm crushing on you too!!! :) And trust me, you're part of our posse too :) I love this group so much and don't know what I would do with you ladies!!

I never knew much about Adele aside from "Chasing Pavements" which I absolutely loved when I first heard it. Claire sent me some songs yesterday of hers and "Someone Like You" was one of them and OMG I listened to it on repeat. It was just so moving!!!

Thanks again for thinking of me darling! :) Means the world to me xoxo

Micaela said...

1.)this whole list made me smile because i looooove that internet posse but none so much as my twin sis!!! :) i love my sweet Marianne and THIS just made her day!! she called me as soon as she read your post ha i love it!!! and claire is a soul mate of mine and karina is just like family and faiza is just sunshine walking.


3.) I can not stop listening to "someone like you"-- i actually just blogged about it (kismet!) SO BEAUTIFUL.

4.) i was also just telling my husband i wish i had started on "castle"-- i always see the promos and it looks delish. ALSO KISMET lol

nice to find you xo happy friday!

Karina said...
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Karina said...

A posse :) Awwwwww sweet - I was never cool in high school, I was just your ordinary sweet happy dork :)and to think that I'm surrounded by so many sweet girls all round just makes me SO happy!!
Cooler or younger lol!!Never!!
I will be turning the big 3-0 this July -Yikes!!!

I LOVE Marz and Micaela SO much they both mean the world to me and have come to be like family :)

Feliz Cumpleanos!! Happy Happy Birthday love!! May you be blessed with many more years and enjoy your weekend :)

P.S. I thought I was following your blog :( I feel horrible but I am now following and look forward to reading your post and getting to know you better :)
Do you mind emailing me your address and we can be pen pals :)

Kary xoxo

February 25, 2011 1:50 PM

Claire Kiefer said...

One thing you're right about: Marianne really IS the sweetest person not only on the world wide web, but EVER! What a sweet post (and a sweet group of bloggers, only missing Marianne's twin Micaela, aka one of my best friends). :)

*I wish I could wear white shirts, but a) I feel gross in them (black hides more!) and b) whenever I wear white, I immediately spill coffee and/or wine!

*I LOVE Someone Like You. It's the most stunning song on the new album and I can't stop listening to it. Beautiful!

Thanks for this darling post and for showcasing Marianne, who is so deserving! xoxo

Mrs.B said...

Girls, thank you for proving my point on how wonderful Marianne is...LOL.

I love all of your blogs, b/c they are "real people" doing "real things" showing "real emotions"...and I love, love, love that you are readers of my blog, too.

I never knew this blog would connect me, the way that it has, to the rest of the world...California, Texas, Canada, etc, but I am so happy it has!!!!

Faiza said...

ha! i am listening to adele's new reocrd on repeat right now AND reading this! too funny!

i treasure all the ladies i have met through blogging...including my genoa city pal...YOU!

happy weekend friend!