Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making a quilt

I AM pretty crafty, but I have never "completed" a quilt and I have trouble tying fancy bows. As many of you know, I am working on a t-shirt quilt for the hubs to give to him on our anniversary this year (I started this project on our anniversary last year)...after I see how it comes out, I am doing one for my eldest daughter, too. I am using all of her "spirit" shirts from school. So, today, I will not talk about bows, but come back soon and I'll go off on that as well.

Now, the t-shirt quilt is coming along, but it brings me back to a quilt I started while living by myself in Winchester, KY back in 2007. I decided that I wanted to make a BOW TIE quilt. Unless you are a professional quilter, this seemed like an easy quilt...well, it was...is not. I have one strip sewn together for a king size bed...LOL. I have most, if not all of the fabric cut out...just haven't sat back down and started on it. That is getting ready to change, my friends. I am going to make this quilt and I have been on-line hunting down ideas, directions, and motivations.

They were simple and true. You may have to do a little research, but the steps are about right.
She says:
pick color scheme
buy fabric for top
wash fabric
cut squares
sew squares into strips
sew strips together
trim edges
iron top of quilt
read about how to bind layers together
buy binding supplies
pin back, batting & top together
sew, sew, sew
trim edges
read about how to finish off
buy fabric for final binding edge
cut fabric
read again how to finish off because it seemed ridiculously hard
iron fabric
machine stitch binding on
pin binding
hand stitch into place
I am not putting a time limit on this quilt, but I am going to dedicate the next few weeks to putting a little more of it together. Today, think about something that you could leave as a legacy and attempt to do it. Future generations will thank you AND you could share it on your own blog.


TamTam said...

T-shirt Quilt soundsreally nice.
I always wanted to make a quilt but never did.

Marz said...

Quilts are such a special treasure that will give warmth for years to come! Your husband and daughter are lucky that you're working on these projects for them :) Good luck on all three quilts :)

Karen Grigsby said...

I would love to make a tshirt quilt for each of my boys...Good luck on your quilt, looks complicated to me. Bet it will be beautiful when you get it finished.
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