Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6--I love the SUPER!

Sure, I love the Super Bowl, but come'on, you all know we wait for the commercials all year, too. You always hope they are going to be better than good b/c these people, corporate buffoons, pay ungodly amounts for us to see them!

Last night I was not too impressed. There were about 4 or 5 that really stood out! So today, I am going to showcase the commercials I LOVED from last night's game...which I was OK with regardless of who hubs on the other hand, who likes the Packers on any other day except when they are playing the Steelers, was hoping for a different ending.

5. Chrysler 200/Eminem...absolutely loved the whole idea of rebuilding the city and actually using one of their own to represent.
4. Coca-Cola-"Border"...wonderful message in these times of turmoil.
3. VW-"Black Beetle"...loved the concept, the music, the visuals.
2. Bridgestone-"Beaver/Karma"...this commercial spoke for get back what you give. I loved it!
1. VW-"The Force" can not tell me this commercial did not beat out all commercials by a landslide. It had it all; kid in costume, nostalgia for the adults, magic and wonder for everyone. This was the best commercial of the night!

I love commercials, but this one night of the year...I wait for b/c I love Super Bowl ads!

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Rebecca Ednie said...

I'm going to have to check to check out those ads. I love a good commercial. thebragal from Swap-Bot So sorry to be a day late. I thought today was the deadline! OOPS!