Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesdays are for Weddings (Feb. Day 2--I love Bridal showers!)

To stay true to my I love series, and to stay in the fold of Wednesdays are for Weddings, I decided to write about bridal showers. I love them. My favorite are the themed ones held out doors with beautiful flowers and colors, but I really LOVE them all. I love everything from getting the invite, to picking out the couples' gift, to finding the right outfit to wear. It is a social event for me.

I am easy. If you want a nice gift for your wedding, send me a beautifully addressed envelope with my name written in calligraphy...I'm a sucker! Now, I do honor bride and grooms and not bring a gift if requested, but I normally try to donate in their name somewhere or plant a tree.

My fave gift to give is a scrapbook or an "Our 1st Christmas Together" ornament. I feel that folks sometimes get so caught up in what to buy off of the registry...they forget about the little things. One of my favorite wedding scrapbooks, that I made, was for my Ex-husband and his wife. (I knew there would be plenty of pics with my children in them.) She sent a thank you, but I can't guarantee she used it...some folks just aren't scrapbookers!

Anyway, I am sure I will play host to, at least, 2 bridal showers or luncheons. (Thank God for little girls!) Yet, I am very sure they will be very different from each other...LOL. I would say, "I can't wait", but I can.

In fact, I hope I have to wait quite a while.

A special thank you to Jennifer Jude.
Mary and I loved our co-bridal shower.
It was thoughtful, sweet, and had the yummiest finger foods ever!

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Jen Watts said...

I love showers too.. I tear up thinking Carsyn will have one someday.