Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5--I love thoughtful gifts.

Giving thoughtful gifts is a trait I think you have to be born with, and very few people I know have this trait.

My hubs has it, so does my best friend, C2. (*I like to think I have it a little, but not like the listeners in the world. Sometimes, I think if I talked less I could give more or at least better gifts.)

However, this weekend a friend gave me my "late" Christmas present (her words not mine) and I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.

Just the gift, a beautiful, personalized bag with my name on it, was great, but the reason she gave it to me with the personalization it had, Mrs. Boyd, was due to a conversation we had about my last name at school. It moved me that she bought this gift for that reason. I mean, isn't that wonderful? She didn't just remember me at Christmas, but she remembered us talking one day and THAT set in motion what ultimately help choose my gift.

I have loved this friend since my children went to school where she teaches, so many years ago, but now I love her even more for just being who she is--a kind, wonderful human being.
I am very blessed with all of my new friends, but Can you really made my day--Thank you!
Mrs. Boyd

P.S. Princess Sexton, I love you, too!

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