Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4--I love mail.

I love getting mail. I love sending mail. There is nothing better than knowing someone took the time out of their busy life, and we all have busy lives, to write a letter to you!

I try to send notes to my children, letters to my family, thank yous to just about anyone...and you don't want to get me started on Christmas cards.

Truly, don't you just LOVE opening your mailbox and seeing an envelope addressed to lil' ol' you? I love colored envelopes, stickers, beautiful stamps and just seeing my name, Mrs. Christy Boyd.

Today, I challenge you. Write someone you love a letter--mail it. I promise the results will be wonderful. You will love doing it and the person you send it to will love getting it!



Angies Place said...

I love getting mail too. I've enjoyed poking around your blog. I'm one of your swap bot blog swap partners (amdewitt)

Michelle said...

I get mad if someone else gets the mail out of the box, LOL!

Steve, Brandy, Allie,and Mackenzie said...

I love mail too, but that is probably why I play around on swapbot and have pen pals lol. We also send out birthday and anniversary cards/notes/postcards to all of our friends and family. Most never say thank you, but I like doing it because surely I'm not the only one who likes getting things in the mail.

TamTam said...

I love getting mail too!! Love your blog.
tamtamlee from follow my blog swap-bot.

Anonymous said...

I love mail too! Love your blog, here via swap-bot. Username: aykra.

Keep up the good work!


Diane said...

Swap bot partner here - love getting messages on my blog and in the mail.


One Year of Giving Thanks said...

I love getting mail too!!! I have been trying to get myself to write more letters!

-Kris (via swap-bot I'm your partner YarnOvers!)

The Nowling Family said...

I love getting mail. I will not even let anyone check my mailbox, because I am always wanting to see the letters first.

Angelbaby2 - Swap-Bot
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Stephanie said...

Thank you Mrs.B for your sweet comments about the wedding invite. Would you believe I made 250 of them in 6 days :S

You know I appreciate a handwritten letter, the thought, time, and effort it takes to make someone feel special is awesome :)
Looking forward to following you :)

Stefenfetchit Swap-bot blog swap