Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WR4W. Day 9--I love the color Granny Smith Green.

First, I coined the abbreviation for our posts each week...WR4W
What do you ladies think?
It was hard typing all that in the title and then adding what we were ...LOL.

Last week, Spring weddings were the theme and I missed out. So, to catch back up, I want to talk about my fave Spring/Summer color for weddings. I am in love with Granny Smith Green. I love it with red, black, blues(almost any shade), brown, and yellow !

Above are some lovely pics, showcasing this amazing color in action!
Could not get links to here are web addresses for pics:


Kristi said...

I love the green! Great pictures/ideas!

Jennifer said...

I think you just like it so you can get loaded on Apple Martinis and still fit the color scheme! BUSTED!

Michelle said...

So pretty!