Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WR4W...and birthdays, like mine!

Since today is the glorious day that I arrived, not so long ago, I am going to try and keep with the wed theme, but showcase a birthday-ish idea, as well.  I thought I would provide ideas for table settings. Regardless, of the amount of money that one puts into a wedding, a dinner party, a birthday celebration, etc. there is always room for class, presentation, and fresh flowers. These are some examples of great table settings that I think are "somewhat" easy!
yellow table
This table reminds me of waking up with sunshine on my face...LOL.
...and what do you do right after you wake up...
you go eat a healthy, hearty breakfast.
Most important meal of the day, right?

red table
This is so easy and yet so elegant.
I could see this table done in any color
and still look Fabulous!

This is the perfect table to me.
All the different flowers for the centerpieces
are so inviting and goes perfect with the light blue tablecloth.

I love these 2 colors together.
There were lots of settings,
 using Brown and Green,
that really inspired me.

This link shares great "simple" settings.
I love them,
but I would say that...
I am a big fan of Real Simple.

If you look for table settings online, be specific!
It is unreal.
The more descriptions you use,
the better the search.

Now to close, here are my table setting rules:
  1. NEVER use plastic tablecloths. (I loathe them.)
  2. Centerpieces should never block eye-contact.
  3. Mix couples/guests up. How else will they meet other people?
  4. Good food. Good wine. Good fun.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I love the red table, so pretty.

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday! I also LOVE fresh flowers. I don't know why, but I am always a little disappointed when I see silk flowers at a wedding.

Marz said...

I hope you had the most wonderful birthday and that all your wishes come true!!!!!! :)