Thursday, May 22, 2008

3, 6, (9)...damn, she fine...get low!!!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties...LOL. Ok, so I'm not into strip clubs and dancing beefcakes. I do, however, believe in a last fling with your gal pals or guy friends.

My idea, other than to "get low...get low, get low, get low"...was a nice dinner, go see a chick flick, maybe drink some cosmos, who knows...but as it turns out, time has slipped away and there is just no time to do any of that now...I suppose, I could just do the same thing within the first few months of my marriage and call it a celebration of my nuptials...LOL.

At this point, in my life, I know that I have found a good man. I have good friends, too, who would rather karaoke than put dollar bills in a thong on a greased up dancer trying to flex his muscles. (I can honestly say, I have never been to one of those travelling road shows of dancing men...thank you, God.) In fact, Mr. Chad on stage singing Freebird is what I would prefer to see on my "fling" night, but since there will not be one...I will have to settle on his redneck version of Tom Cruise's Old Time Rock and Roll from Risky Business (you can imagine this, can't ya? his Shrek pants, trying to slide across my hardwood floors) singing something more along the lines of Hank, Kid, or even Kenny. :o)

I guess though, final "flings" aren't necessary at our age. Why go out where the drinks cost more than they should and one person doesn't get to do much?...except watch over everyone else...LOL. I am wealthy in my friends and am sure there are many flings left in all of us...just now, if one's lucky enough--like me, they have someone to share every-fling with...

36,35,34,33,32...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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Jenny Ann said...

well there will be booze at the Bridal Shower, though-hopefully, no one dancing in their underwear. And you will be surrounded by plenty of friends with no worrying about where you might wind up or how you are going to get home. and, if you like karaoke I am sure we can think up something that involves you singing lol.