Saturday, May 24, 2008

31 Flavors

Yes, I got the title idea from Baskin Robbins, but it ends there...LOL. Today is actually a very grown-up topic...or at least for those 21 and over...LOL. It's about picking drinks for the wedding and signature cocktail flavors. ( I think I wrote before that I had to do this at some is that some point...LOL.)

Mr. Chad and I know that there will be wine and Bud Light for the masses, and if I am so blessed, Rhonda or Verlissa will make their awesome non-alcho punch for most everyone else, but since my establishment doesn't serve alcohol...we have to BYOB. Yes, a guest or 2 will no doubt have a flask, but I want to make a drink that people will enjoy, remember, and love the taste of...oh, and it has to be some color of green. What???!!! Geez, so it matches the reception decor...LOL. There is going to be a lot of black and white in there...LOL.

So far, I have come up with either my drink du jour, the Apple-tini, the Mojito (pictured above), or good ol' Margaritas with some green food coloring to make them darker in color...LOL. I may do all three. :o) I can't wait to drink and dance the night away with my friends and family. I have even picked out songs just for my brothers, JA, and sweet Dee.

The best part about trying to decide what drinks to have is the sampling...b/c yummy drinks are like a good perfume...everybody comes out a winner when enjoyed in small doses. :o)

31,30,29,28,27...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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