Thursday, May 1, 2008

54 Shades of OPI and 5400 of everything else...

It turns out, because somewhere it is written, I am to be trying to figure out make-up, nails, tan, hair, etc. for the "Big Day"...other than the tanning part (which I LOVE doing, either real or fake...LOL), I have never been a make-up, hair, and nails kinda girl.

Ok, well, I'm lying to an extent. I am a hair gal, but not fixing, cutting, or styling. I am more of the every 6 to 8 weeks helping the "new growth" (as my cousin Carrie calls it, and she has a right. She owns and instructs at a Beauty School) blend with the rest of my "natural" color...LOL.

Nails, I almost always have my toenails painted, but never did much with my fingernails, until recently... and now, thanks to Ms. Mary, I'm getting a French-tip manicure EVERY Friday. I heart having my nails painted this way, I've had it in the past...but had let them go for the last couple of years just opting for a clear coat to help them look healthy. Never was much of a cutter, either...more of a filer of those that would break off...LOL. I hope I can keep this up, but I'm betting between new house and summer garden this won't last long...LOL.

Father, forgive me for what I am getting ready to say...Make-up scares me, but I love it! I am not good at applying it on myself, though great applying it on others, and I really limit myself to the same colors. I have had the same blush for 13 years-I swear. I love MAC make-up and buy mascara from them...1, sometimes 2 times a year. I, also, use MAC lipstick. The rest is a cornucopia-of-crap. I've always been good about cleansing products, but I only use them a couple of times a week (month)...LOL

For me, the best, and only, solution is to make sure someone is there to do all this for me! I want my hair down at the ceremony and up at the reception, make-up light in the church and dark at the reception, French tip mani and pedi at long as it's one of OPI's bridal colors then I think that covers it...I'm set now!

54,53,52,51,50...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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