Wednesday, May 14, 2008

42nd Street

Remember my give and take argument about TV and marriage...turns out musicals are not included...LOL. Mr. Chad thinks musicals are for woman, kids, old people, and guys of a different persuasion. Basically everyone, but him and other alpha-males like him. He would never go to a musical and watching one on TV would make him loathe me...but I do think, he would love Wicked. I mean, doesn't everyone love The Wizard of Oz.

Well, I love musicals. I love to sing. I love to dance...OK, I need to quit b/c I'm about to break out here. My girls love musicals, too, and I love to share that with them... Anyway, today's post is about NYC-home of all theatre, and not really related to the wedding at all...LOL, maybe somehow related to a future "family" vacation, though...LOL.

At some point, Mr. Chad and I MUST see the brights lights, and for him, big city. Although, Lexington is almost too big for him. :o) There is so much in NYC that he would love...Ellis Island, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building--just to name a few. I couldn't see him at the Waldorf-Astoria or St. Patrick's Cathedral, but he would go just for me and the girls to have that opportunity. However, the biggest strike against NYC is population.

With that being said, the Egypt trip is probably coming before NYC.

Mr. Chad did recently make progress without intending to do so...he rented Sweeney Todd on PPV. I laughed when he told me, "I rented that Johnny Depp movie where he's a demon barber."...I told him it was a musical and with utter disappointment in his voice, he said, "Well, is it at least like Grease where they talk some, too?"...he managed to live through it, but I do not see a pattern evolving here...LOL.

I don't think I should tell him that when we make it to NYC, Broadway is heavily involved...I think I'll just tell him there's a bar stool with his name on it somewhere close by...

42,41,40,39,38...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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Jenny Ann said...

I love musicals but Sweeny Todd was garbage. If there was talking it was minimal. Not to mention I didn't even make it past the first ten minutes without turning it off. It did not help that the couldnt carry a tune in the bucket and were singing about pies and every move they made.