Friday, May 2, 2008 apropos (doing 2 days in one...LOL)

5150 is a great album by Van Halen and b/c of it we know what those numbers stand for...well, I do...and these days, if anyone follows entertainment news, Britney may have made it popular to them...Section 5150 is a section of California's Welfare and Institutions Code...and it states something to the effect that a person has a mental disorder that makes them a danger to his or her self...I live in Kentucky, and whether we have that or not I feel it I am a danger to myself, not often others...YES. Since starting the major planning of our wedding, I have become one Crazy Bitch...However, I find it so hard when things don't go as planned...

Turns out the reception is one of those things not going as planned...and it is driving me batty... Here are just a few of the issues that I am currently having with the venue. For one, unlike every restaurant in the United States of America, they do not have WHITE linens. They don't have off-white, either. In fact, they have nothing that looks is cream...very, very dark cream...almost yellow and they are not sure they have enough napkins??? So now I have to find white linens for the tables and white napkins for the guests.

Next, they have NO glassware...NONE. It is plastic. If that wasn't enough to send me over the edge...they have coffee cups, but no saucers. WHAT THE F? Have I mentioned this is one of the nicer places in the area??? If it were not already printed on the invites...I would sooooooooo have this somewhere else... **** I loathe drinking out of plastic, unless i am already inebriated and have beads wrapped around my neck, all the while yelling,"Throw me something, Mister".

I need to let some things long as the food is good, and my friends and family are with me...nothing else should matter...especially not the color of the tableclothes...

5150,49,48,47,46...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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