Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The First 48...

Creating that guests list..well, it has turned into a real downer. I am almost sick to my stomach and Mr. Chad and I have argued over it ALL day.

We want to include everyone, but in this economy and with the new house, we have to set a limit that can be covered by the budget.

The 2 of us decided we would start with our aunts and uncles and then spread outward. Together, we have roughly 30 of those. Then 1st cousins-maybe 50. That's 80, not including kids... All of this is fine, the problem occurs when we start inviting friends.

I, definitely have more friends that I want to invite than he does...they are no more important than his...I just have more. The budget is set and there is NO WAY we can go over 110. So, I'm trying to figure if I should rob a bank now...or pick up a second job for the next few weeks. I just don't want this wedding to put us back into debt b/c we have worked so hard, and really sacrificed a lot to get where we are...

I need to let this go, pray about it, and see what the greater plan is...b/c right now...I am drained!

48,47,46,45,44...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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