Tuesday, May 6, 2008

49 cousins +

It is so nice when I get to see and spend time with my cousins (above are SOME, but not all of my faves...LOL). Girls tend to stick with girls in the family, and the guys do the same... But, we all have faves that are of the opposite sex, as well. I would LOVE to have all of my cousins there to share my wedding day with me, but we all have separate lives and I know that's not possible...

Year after year, we are slowly becoming somewhat like our mother's...or the exact opposite...and it is the funniest thing ever. Over the past year, I have not been able to hang out with them like I want to...but for the most part when we get together, everyone just picks up where we left off...I think that is a sign of a loving family.

Nothing important today, just something special. I thought i would list some of my cousins and my favorite memory of them.

Verlissa-truly, my big sister. I hung onto her as a kid like you wouldn't believe...still love her as much, maybe more...since she is my future husband's aunt-and my cousin...LOL.
Carrie-She was ALWAYS good with hair...once, she did the Bo Derek "10"-do for me. I thought I was hot stuff...LOL.
Riki-She was different from us, but loved coming down in the summer, and when she was young...she loved Elvis...I didn't until her...LOL.
Karen-We grew up together, but were never as close as we have become since I moved back from New Orleans. She will listen when I call, and feels free to call just to vent.

Today, I won't get into the guys, but there are some good stories there...most are with Jr. Boy...Ford Rangers, repulsive birds, Gigpole Slone, and how mercuchrome cures everything-including broken elbows...LOL. Those were the days.

49,48,47,46,45...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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