Friday, May 9, 2008

Stars on 45

When stars are aligned, and everything seems to fall in place...I get nervous. Nothing has ever been easy for me. EVER. Yet, it appears, this wedding is well on its way, so the stars must be aligned--somewhere...LOL. Love is in the air...I mean, the stars.

Robin, my "cake lady", said it was in the stars for her to do my cake. Codell can marry us on June 21st, so that must have been in the stars...although, he did say this was the last time that he would agree to marry me and Mr. Chad...LOL. My sis, Sarah Lee, can sing Amazing Grace, in honor of our grannies...but that's not in the stars that's a blessing from above. :o)

The invitations are (mostly) it's time to wait and see who actually knows to fill out the little card with the stamped envelope and mail it back...hence, the stamp. Some are sitting on my desk b/c they do not have addresses on the world wide web or in my address book. Others are in a box b/c Mr. Chad has not got the addresses for me...

The reception is booked but we have not met and made final plans with them...I think we are going to wait until most of the RSVPs come back. No need to pay for those not attending...LOL.
None of that has to do with star alignment, but it's today's thought...LOL.

45,44,43,42,41...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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