Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I can't drive 55...actually, I can't drive well, at all.

I have been ticketed in all of the following states:Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana and Ohio. And to no one's fault but my own, in most cases. However, I have not got (knock on wood) a ticket in almost 2 years. Now granted, some have been thrown out, or looked over, but many cute little face and nicely, real baby-feeders have not got me out of squat...LOL.

For the most part, I truly am not a bad driver...I just drive and think, drive and sing, drive and talk, drive and sleep (yes, but just a few times), and I really just need to drive and leave the "ands" off...LOL.

However, the time that I really am the BEST driver is when I have my most precious cargo on board, my gals. I have to think about all the crazies out there driving, too. I have a hard enough time letting my President and Vice-President travel together. ( when they fly, well...I can't even explain how nervous I get.) I become so aware of what is going on around me, or at least I try. If I get the tiniest bit tired, I pull over and nap.( I mean, they are called rest

So my plan as, Christy Buettner BOYD, wife of Mr. Chad and mother of the 2 most perfect children in the world, is to learn to drive again and this time learn to do it better...and slower...LOL.

55,54,53,52,51...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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