Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The 56 Geeks Project

OMG...some of this stuff I couldn't make up!

As most of the people that read this know...I google the numbers I'm working on sometimes. Man, oh man, am I glad I did today. By the luck of the Irish, I came across this website.

This creator is an absolute genius. Not only does he cover Mr. Chad in sooooo many ways. He covers EVERY single person I work with (and that's not really a good thing...actually, it's a very sad thing...LOL).

I am fortunate enough to not see myself on there. Although, I think it saddens me somewhat. If I was a geek (as if I'm I guess I would want to be Momma Geek...or Wedding/Shower Planner geek...maybe Reality Show geek, but only if I was in a Dancing With the Stars costume. Nowadays, I'm a Gardening Geek, too. Ooohhh,ooohhh,ooohhh...I got it. I want to be a Cupcake geek. I love cupcakes. I'm kind of really into cupcakes right now.

Anyway, what kind of geek are you? I can think of some. My cousin Karen is a Teaching geek (good thing...she does teach, Gin is a Having First Baby geek, Mary is a Nurse geek (she will gladly tell you the 1st time giving a suppository, C2 is an Atkins Diet geek...LOL. I need to stop or I could think of friends and family geeks for hours. Be sure to check out his site and leave a comment. Peace.

56,55,54,53,52...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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