Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Spirit of '76

I truly am getting in the wedding "spirit". I could go on and on about what marriage means and how I understand this is a lifetime commitment, but this blog is for the fun stuff, and not really the serious stuff...

Mr. Chad and I actually talk about "stuff" for the big day. He says that I don't like any of his ideas, but then he never really says much either way. He knows he wants chicken as an entree' and there must be Bud Light somewhere on the reception premises. We both love black & white and the whole monogram theme for the event.

The invitations turned out LOVELY. Little by little, it seems to be going the way it should be...or the way we think it should be...LOL. I guess, in the end, as long as we have the girls there and our parents that's all that really matters...though, I will be extremely hurt if most of my family doesn't show up...only b/c, my family is his family...LOL.

We are having fun "working" on this and I actually appreciate all of his input...as the days tick down, our jovial "spirit" keeps going up...and it really helps with the stress factor.

76,75,74,73,72...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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