Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is my second home. Well, I may not live near it or off it, but I do live on it. I travel it all the time and could probably drive it with my eyes closed...and have (Long story short...coming home from one of my many New Orleans trips, I fell asleep and drove a few miles while attached to the guardrail.), unfortunate for the car, but oh, how fortunate for me. :o)

See, I have to travel this road to take my girls back and forth to their Dad. ( a good guy, if I haven't said that before...who married a wonderful woman that I love deeply as a friend. I can't understand why most adults can not get along with their exes and their spouses???) However, I usually drive it more than he does, but I want to see Catarina and Claudia in their environment, so...somehow, I do most of the driving...but being alone on my travels has helped me with this wedding.

I've stopped and looked at fabrics. Checked on flower prices. Bought odds and ends to be used at the reception...and tried...and tried...and tried to come up with some original vows. Though, being alone has been helpful, using the trip to get the girls' input has been a great experience, too.

I think the most important part about this marriage, is seeing how much Mr. Chad loves the girls and how important it is for me to have the girls' blessing. Saying, "I Do" to each other may be easy, but merging a family is hard work. I'm glad to see he's in it for the long haul.

75,74,73,72,71...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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